What are the sizes of cast iron manhole covers?

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According to pressure, the #ductile iron manhole cover can be divided into F900, E600, D400, C250, B125 and other pressure grades.

Square #manhole covers are commonly categorized in 500*500 D400, 500*500 B125, 600*600 B125, C250700*700 B125, 450*750 B125, C250700*800B125 and so on.

The different needs of users result different product specifications.

#Ductile iron manhole covers are generally divided into round and square shapes.

In the urban area, the round shape products are generaly adopted, due to it is not easy to tilt with better protection to pedestrians and vehicles.

It is mainly considered that the diameter length of the center of manhole cover is the same. With that advantage, if the #round manhole cover is rolled up by a passing vehicle, its diameter will always be slightly wider than the foreshaft, and the #manhole cover will not fall into the wellhead.

Because the diagonal of the square is obviously longer than the length of each side, when such a #square manhole cover is rolled up, it is easy to fall into the well along the diagonal direction of the wellhead, causing safety hazards. If the well head is rounded or significantly smaller than the cap, the square cap will not fall into the well.

Here comes the topic of maximum utilization and economy of materials.

The use of the #manhole cover depends on the size of the wellhead, if you have to install a #square manhole cover with an area far larger than the wellhead, then the utilization and practical value of the material is naturally more effective than the direct use of the #round manhole cover, which not only saves the material of the #manhole cover, but also ensures the safety of the wellhead.

In the less trafic area, the #square shape manhole covers are generally adopted for cable wells, which can better prevent the entry of liquids such as rain.

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Post time: Jun-28-2023