The wide application of round ductile iron manhole cover

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The use of #light ductile iron manhole cover has long been common. By removing the shortcomings of the traditional gray iron #manhole cover, its high-quality characteristics have been recognized by many customers. Looking at it on the ground, you may find more and more round #light ductile iron manhole covers, meanwhile, less square and other shapes products. What kind of #ductile iron manhole cover is better? In fact, its design is also concerned by everyone.

In the vast majority of use environments, the #manhole cover on the road is circular. Compared with the #square manhole cover, the #round manhole cover is strong in firmness, not easy to deformation, which could better ensure the low noise when the vehicle passes.

#Square ductile iron manhole cover also has its unique application scope. This product is more commonly used in pipeline and cable wells. The #square ductile iron manhole cover can better prevent liquid from entering, so that the cable will be better protected.

As a common product in urban infrastructure, although it is not easy to be detected, the #round manhole cover is of great help to the daily life of residents.

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Post time: Jul-28-2023