Malleable steel product knowledge

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#Malleable iron is cast into white cast iron by casting and then malleable annealed. The graphite in #malleable cast iron for pipe fittings is flocculent, and the splitting effect on the matrix is small, so its mechanical properties are higher than that of gray cast iron, and its plasticity and toughness are better, but #malleable cast iron can not be forged. The matrix structure of #malleable cast iron is different, the properties are also different, among which the black core #malleable cast iron has higher plasticity and toughness, while the pearlite #malleable cast iron has higher strength, hardness and wear resistance. If the working pressure is high (but within 1.6Mpa), steel #malleable cast iron pipe fittings can be used.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a traditional process of #malleable cast iron pipe parts. The change from hot-dip galvanizing to electroplating is not only a fundamental change of electroplating method, but also a reflection of low cost, improving production environment and basically eliminating pollution. Because #malleable cast iron is used in #malleable cast iron pipe, its composition is complex, the structure is loose, there are shrinkage holes, pores, sand holes and other defects in the matrix and the surface. At the same time, the surface is easy to form iron oxide film, which increases the difficulty of electroplating. After etching, carbon and silicon are exposed to the surface, which reduces the overpotential of hydrogen, and electroplating begins to release a large amount of hydrogen, making the coating difficult to deposit. Because of this, only potassium (sodium) salt galvanizing is suitable for various electric galvanizing processes.

What should be noted is:

1, #malleable cast iron is a special kind of iron.

2, #malleable cast iron is made of white iron after high temperature tempering, often used to make pipe parts, such as various pipe joints.

3, the processing performance of white iron is very poor, but after high temperature tempering, it can be cut.

4, the name of #malleable cast iron does not mean that this cast iron is malleable, #malleable cast iron and other pig iron, can not be forged.

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Post time: Jul-07-2023