HEBEI KINGMETAL FLANGE AND FITTING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2014 and passed the re-examination in 2019.

Our company has clearly demarcated, planned and coordinated the responsibilities and powers of each department, so that the enterprise can carry out various activities in an effective and orderly way to ensure the smooth progress of work.The management clearly formulate the quality policy and objectives, and understand the internal system operation of the company through regular management review, and take timely measures to ensure that the system is in a good state of operation.Emphasize corrective and preventive measures, eliminate the cause of nonconformity, so as to reduce costs, and constantly correct the management and operation of the enterprise, every employee has a strong sense of quality.We emphasize cultural management to ensure the formal and continuous operation of the management system, so as to improve the quality of products (or services), reduce the cost of production (or services), build customer confidence in the enterprise, improve economic efficiency, and ultimately greatly improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Features and functions of ISO9001:

It is one of ISO9000 series quality assurance model standards, used for the external quality assurance under the contract environment.It can be used as the basis of the supplier’s quality assurance and the evaluation of the supplier’s quality system.

It can be used as the basis for enterprises to apply for ISO9000 series quality system certification.

It is the quality assurance model for development/design, production, installation, and service.Used to ensure compliance with specified requirements at all stages of development, design, production, installation and service.

The requirement of quality assurance is the most complete and the evidence of quality system elements is the most.From the beginning of the contract review to the final after-sales service.Provide evidence of strict control over the whole process.

The supplier is required to implement the principle of “combining prevention with inspection and control”, improve the quality system, have a complete quality system document, and ensure its effective operation.

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Post time: Dec-05-2020