On April 26, 2024, we had the honor of hosting a distinguished delegation of engineers from the Ministry of Public Works of the Kuwaiti government at our factory for an insightful on-site inspection.

During their visit, our managing executives and technical department experts engaged in detailed discussions with the engineers, providing them with comprehensive insights into our production processes. Together, we delved into every aspect of our factory’s operations, ensuring transparency and understanding at every step.

文章配图2One of the highlights of the visit was when the engineers conducted rigorous quality tests on our products, adhering to the exacting standards set forth by Kuwait. With smiles of satisfaction, they confirmed the exceptional quality of our offerings, bringing joy not only to us but also to our exclusive agent in Kuwait, First Gulf Company.

Following their thorough inspection, the Kuwaiti delegation swiftly compiled an overall factory inspection report, affirming our commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to announce that Hebei Lanwei Import and Export Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the Kuwaiti government’s stringent tests!


As we look ahead, we are dedicated to providing the people of Kuwait with products that offer long-term reliability and serviceability. Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work and dedication in making this achievement possible. Together, we continue to strive for excellence in serving our valued customers worldwide.

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Post time: May-14-2024