Chamber of Commerce Competition Awards


13TH, OCTOBER 2020

The opening ceremony of yun Baituan War in 2020 was launched on August 15. The company made a clear plan for this war, and everyone worked together and worked overtime to win honor for the company.For this activity, the company's internal performance of outstanding personnel also set up awards.

During the war of chamber of Commerce corps, our corps "thunder corps" each enterprise boss gets together to give advice and plan, we learn from each other to strengthen ourself . Both the boss and the staff put all their strength into the fight

At the award ceremony, the various programs prepared by the Legion, the management sharing of the League Committee of the winning Legion, and the interactive program of knowledge question and answer all make the awards vivid, wonderful and interesting. The sharing of business owners, let us realize the existence of gaps, in management and professional knowledge have room for improvement. The project organized by the Chamber of Commerce has made our Hebei foreign trade enterprises more united

Our company summarizes this competition, draws on the strengths of others and narrows the gap. In the next few months, we will strengthen our business team and optimize our management model. Our company's family will take a new look. A higher level of professional skills to meet the new hundred League War.

If you want to know more about us, contact us to join us. We are willing to join hands with aspiring young people to create an international trade model and realize the value of the company and individuals. We hope that under the guidance of our dreams, we will achieve the victory of our customers, companies and employees!

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Post time: Nov-23-2020