Advantages of Ductile Iron Manhole Covers in Applications

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Nowadays, #ductile iron manhole covers are widely used due to their excellent performance, strong anti-theft properties, and high safety. #Valueup groups new anti-theft #ductile iron manhole covers have advantages such as anti-theft, anti-noise, anti-falling, and anti-slip, which are specifically introduced below:

1. Anti-falling The cover has strong bearing capacity. During the experiment, the cast iron #manhole cover withstood a pressure of 500KN without being damaged, making it capable of withstanding various heavy-duty trucks and effectively preventing accidents caused by falling #manhole covers.

2. Anti-slip The exquisite casting process makes the product’s texture clear, and the #manhole cover surface has unique anti-slip patterns, providing excellent anti-slip properties, especially in summer or snowy revent our pedestrians from getting injured, we attach great importance to this aspect during the design process. Not only should it have a good decorative effect, but it should also have a certain anti-slip effect. The designers base their design on a large amount of data and practical experience. If the pattern is too deep, the appearance will be very unattractive, while if the pattern is not deep enough, it will not have any anti-slip effect.

Anti-brittleness The new #ductile iron manhole covers are used after heat treatment. Because the cast iron #manhole cover in the cast state has casting defects such as pores, cracks, shrinkage holes, coarse grains, uneven structure, and residual internal stress, the strength of the cast iron #manhole cover, especially its plasticity and toughness, is greatly reduced.

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Post time: Jul-20-2023